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      Advertising on FastAID is an economical way to expose your product or service. Not only is your company receiving exposure to a prime demographic market on a site with a reputation for honesty and integrity, you are helping keep an important service to this market free.

Target Market

Primarily current college students, and current high school seniors planning on attending college . Parents, high school guidance counselors and college financial aid officers also visit on a regular basis.


As of 01/01/2008:
Females - 68%
Males - 32%
Average Age - 22 years old
Current High School Students - 31%
Current College Undergraduates - 41%
Current College Post-Graduate - 28%
United States - 94%
Canada - 2%
Other Countries - 4%


FastAID! has been on-line since June 4, 1996. FastAID! currently receives in excess of 2,500 unique visitors a day, viewing an average of 17.6 pages. Each visitor remains on site for an average of 38 minutes. FastAID currently delivers just over 1,320,000 pageviews per month.


Standard "CPM"-based advertising: Impressions Cost per 1,000
10,000-200,000 $35
200,000+ $30

Agency Information:


FastAID has a reputation for honesty and integrity. Product placement WITHIN the database itself is NOT available.

Advertising for fee-based scholarships is NOT accepted (scholarships that charge a small fee to enter).

Advertisements for liquor, beer, casinos, and pornography are not accepted.

Additional Information

Payment for all advertising is due IN ADVANCE, ads are placed on the site the same day payment is received, unless otherwise requested. Payment arrangements for quantity purchases and agency placements can be arranged.

Contact Information:

If you have further information, please feel free to contact us at your convienence.

Thank you for considering FastAID for your advertising needs!

Last updated 12/01/2008

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