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Daniel J. Cassidy President

W. Douglas Kirk
Vice President

Deirdre C. Cassidy
Secretary & Treasurer

Thomas J. Cox
Chief Financial Officer

Peter A. Tye
Director of Technology

Kevin Lely
Michael A. Rocchi
Jay V. Taggart

William L. Sheppard

Director Emeritus

Director Emeritus

Cynthia Sheppard
Director Honoraria


Reginald Tanaban
David R. Baker
Mark Hoffman
Dr. Paul Lorton
Les Madigan
Dick Merwin
Victor Smith
Sean Straw


Jim Johnson
Joseph Paternoster


Chari Hickman

Chris Norton
Chief Technical Officer

Joseph D. Gargiulo
Ted Long
Tim Schmidt


John Bear
Cynthia T. Bennett
William Covey
Herm Davis
Stan Decker
Patricia Gallagher
Sondra Geoffrion
W. Douglas Kirk
Anna Leider
Pam Mendelsohn
Martin Nemko
Gail Schlacter
Allen Shapiro
Marilyn Shapiro
Nancy Waters
  The Cassidy Endowment for Education (CEE) was incorporated on 15 September 1993 as a non-profit public benefit corporation, tax-exempt under Sections 501 (c) (3) and 509 (a) (2) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Our general mission is four-fold:
1) to collect and disseminate information to the public on education, including, but not limited to, educational counseling, financing, and career guidance; 2) to establish a code of ethics for educational service organizations; 3) to fund and award scholarships; and 4) to establish and operate and institute for the study of advanced educational methods and technology.


Project FAST (Financial Aid for Students Today)
Project FAST aims to revolutionize the delivery of private sector scholarships, grants, fellowships, and loans to students wanting to attend a school of higher education. The current situation reeks of inefficiency and wastefulness. Billions of dollars of financial aid go unused each year because students do no know about them. And when students do find out about private sector scholarships, they must apply separately to thirty or forty different sources.

Project FAST will remedy this situation by centralizing access to the private sector sources and by standardizing the application process. Project FAST will generate a multitute of untapped qualified awards candidates. More students will get the financial aid they need to go to school and grant-making institutions will find it easier fo fulfill their charter and tax-exempt obligations to distribute funds.

Institute for the Study of Advanced Educational Technology
ISAET will conduct research, make grants for exceptional accomplishment in using technology in education, convene meetings of principal contributors to the advancement of education through technology, and publish scholarly reports on the use of technology in education.

The Education Roundtable
The education roundtable is a professional association of specialists working in the education0information field, who are dedicated to the free exchange of ideas and to establishing and maintaining standards of accuracy, originality, and reliability for anyone working or publishing in the education-information field.

Endowment of Scholarships
Through our non-profit we are able to accept funding from those who would like to establish scholarships. The management is 15% for finding the proper students that fit the criteria of your established scholarship. We allow you complete control of the decision process and offer 3 levels of decision making. since we are a non-profit, the money donated to your scholarship is tax deductible. Please call for further information.

Subject to adequate levels of funding, CEE will award scholarships, fellowships, grants, awards, and loans to deserving students who are enrolled full-time in accredited schools of higher education, who maintain at least a 2.70 GPA, and who apply for at least 20 scholarships per year as part of Project FAST.

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